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Licensed massage therapist located in the Littleton, Colorado area; here to help with pain management, stress relief, relaxation, pampering and indulging in the pleasure of one of our many massages and treatments.

Massage Menu:

Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Hydrostone Massage
Chair Massage
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Sports Massage
Medical Massage


Ion Detoxification

Other Treatments

Sciatica Treatment
Paraffin Wax Treatment

If you have questions regarding our services please contact us with your questions.

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Paraffin Wax Treatment

Layer your feet and/or hands in warm paraffin wax to relieve chronic arthritis joint pain, relax muscles, increase circulation, ease stiff, tired hands and feet, and relieve dryness, rough or cracked skin.

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Ion Detoxification:

A 30 minute session of detoxifying and restoring your body to improved health, as your feet soak in an ion water foot bath. Approved in 1970 by the FDA as a healing modality, the system alternates positive and negative ion charges, pulling out chemicals, pollutants, synthetics, toxins and other foreign substances from the body and cleansing and restoring cells to a healthy state. Studies show iontophoresis improves liver and kidney function, reduces arthritic pain and decreases inflammation of muscles and joints, fungal infections, skin problems, mercury and heavy metal accumulation, headaches and migraines, and balances body pH levels.

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Swedish Massage:

Uses light to medium pressure, with a variety of strokes, to help loosen and stretch musculature and fascia. It relieves muscle tightness, pain, headaches, congestion, increases circulation and flexibility, breaks up adhesions and reduces stress.
30 – 90 minutes

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Deep Tissue Massage:

Has the same benefits of Swedish massage but uses a greater degree of pressure. It can be applied to a specific area or over all to help loosen and stretch musculature and fascia. It relieves muscle tightness, pain, headaches, congestion, increases circulation and flexibility, breaks up adhesions and reduces stress.

30 – 90 minutes

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Hydrostone Massage:

Specially heated stones are covered with a towel and aligned along your spinal cord, placed under your neck, hands, knees, between your toes and on your abdomen. Hot stones are also used to massage your muscles. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles to help relax and detoxify.
60 – 90 minutes

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Chair Massage:

Massages done with the client in a massage chair. Includes head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Great for the work place to reduce stress, stiff neck and shoulder tension, relieve headaches and carpal tunnel pain. Available for job sites and social events.
5 – 30 minutes

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Lymphatic Drainage:

Massage that assists the lymphatic system to rid tissue of excess proteins and toxins, balance fluid, distribute immune cells to maintain health and defend against disease, drain sinuses, relieve headaches, reduce swelling in tissues, detoxify. Regenerates and develops new lymph nodes in areas of chronic infection. Helps repair damage from injured tissues, speeds healing, provides deep relaxation. Can be incorporated into a Swedish or Deep tissue massage or given strictly as lymphatic.
30 – 90 minutes

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Sports Massage:

Sports massage incorporates stretching and targeting specific muscles to help improve performance as well as recovery time; for the weekend warrior or the competitive athlete. Sports massage reduces hypertonicity of the muscles creating improved tone, flexibility and relaxation as well as promoting overall muscles balance. It reduces muscle soreness enabling the athlete to train and perform more consistently at a higher level. It also enables the athlete to recover more rapidly and completely from injury thus reducing the likelihood of chronic problems or further injury.
30 – 90 minutes

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Medical Massage:

Medical massage focuses on specific muscles, addressing medical problems or conditions and follows routines that have been proven to be the most effective. Insurance billing is available for auto accidents, workers’ compensation, and personal insurance if you have coverage.
30 – 90 minutes

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Trauma Touch:

A bodywork modality designed to assist clients with trauma or abuse histories, using a variety of techniques, including breath work, movement and somatic tracking. Work is done slowly, which allows the client time to be aware of their breath, feelings and sensations held within the body and to motor them out. Somatic memories and holding patterns begin to unravel and trauma is uncoupled with sensations.
60 minutes

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